Dr. Norton and Page Jacobs

Dr. Norton and Page Jacobs of Coolidge, Arizona were truly Karakul Showmanship Pioneers. Even though they ‘passed over to the other side’ in May this year they have motivated me to re-start the Blog and re-vamp the website. Thank you for being such great teachers Norton & Page!

Page and Norton had already been showing Karakuls in California and the southwest years before Julia DeVlieg launched the new AKSR in late 1985. Several of us jumped at the chance to be part of her new group in 1986. But in a 1988 letter to Julia, Page noted that she had been invited to the really big shows like NAILE because of her show ring reputation. Page Jacobs had been winning big at big shows and fairs with her Karakuls. In the late 1980s East coast & Midwest Karakul breeders were just getting started. (NAILE is the North American International Livestock Exposition, a 2-week November show in Louisville, Kentucky.)

1993 Gathering. Page Jacobs holding her yearling that was soon to be Champion Ram

On top of her Karakul show reputation, Page was an amusing, easygoing, fascinating woman.

From   ~ Robin Snyder, Kirkland, AZ, June 2019

My favorite Page story goes way back to LA county fair when I had only been showing a few years.  A friend helped me show my sheep and she had handled one of my ram lambs.  He was junior champion and was up for breed champion.  Page and I stood on the sidelines.  At the time I was in awe of Page and a bit intimidated.   As we watched, Page said that she thought her yearling would win champion as he was undefeated. When the judge picked my ram lamb, Page was very surprised. She wondered whose lamb it was. I was too intimidated to admit that he was mine.  Later, Page came over to me and was laughing “Now there I was sounding off about my yearling to you when your lamb beat him!” (Page thought it was hilarious!)

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