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The SVF Foundation in Newport, Rhode Island, in conjunction with Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, has been working on the Smithsonian & SVF Biodiversity Preservation Project

The Karakuls selected in Summer 2019 were part of their genetic cryopreservation project and have all found new conservation homes in Summer 2020. The second batch that was expected to arrive was postponed for the remainder of 2020, and might be considered in 2021.

SVF Foundation
152 Harrison Ave
Newport, RI  02840

Updated August 18, 2020; posted March 24, 2020          



For Sale: Breeding stock, raw and processed wool, yak down, antique shearing equipment

Best for felting! Large quantity of Karakul carded batts, some roving,
in black, grey, and white, some red-brown.

$30 per pound, discounts offered on large purchases.

Raw Karakul @ $30 per fleece

Yak down $50 per pound


Rare Stewart ‘Greyhound’. $300
Rare Stewart ‘Big Boy’- bronze body with 3.5″ combs. $200

Click on a photo once to enlarge. Click right or left arrows to view gallery.


Need to sell wool, fiber equipment and some sheep to make moving easier. Call Joe!

Joe with twin Karakul ewe lambs

Call Joe at: 208-589 -9042

Joe Billman
Six Winds Sheep
3205W 2600N
Arco, Idaho 83213

Updated April 2, 2020; renewed July 22, 2019; 1st posted May 18, 2018



J Kambar Farm participates in SE2SE and currently offers
American Karakul carded batts for spinning or felting
in cream, light grey, dark grey, tan and reddish-brown.

Available in:

• 8 oz. multi-color mini batt pack @ $30.00 + shipping (~1.5 oz each of dark grey, light grey, reddish-brown, tan and cream)
• 8 oz. batts light or dark grey @ $30.00 + shipping
• Approx. 3# batts in cream or dark reddish-brown @ $60.00 per pound + shipping; unit price of $180.00

Contact Info (ex: Phone, Farm Address or Directions):

Leslie Johnson
7001 N. Air Depot Blvd.
Okla. City, OK 73141
Face book J Kambar Farm

Posted February 22, 2020



Kathy Donovan has been breeding Karakul sheep at Checkmate Farm since 2004 and occasionally has breeding stock for sale.

Checkmate-days old Donovan Karakul lambs

Karakuls are raised for fleeces to create Persian Rug Yarn. Kathy is an Oxford Company Punch Rug Hooking Instructor.

“Early Persia” rug design by Jane McGown Flynn, Hooked by Kathy Donovan

Kathy also sells rug roving for braiding rugs and offers classes all year.

Checkmate Farm booth-yarns & rug hooking equipment

Farm Website URL:

Contact Info:
Kathy Donovan
Bluemont, Virginia

Updated February 22, 2020; 1st posted June 8, 2017



Mary Carol Buchholz has been breeding Karakul sheep at Onion Creek Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas for 32 years. Her 2020 lambs with predominate Hagerman genetics have been sold!

2019 lamb groups gallery–rams have tags in right ears, ewes have tags in left

Contact Info:
Mary Carol Buchholz
Onion Creek Karakuls (OCK)
Dripping Springs. Texas
Phone: 512-461-3870

Updated August 18, 2020



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