What is a Karakul Gathering? Breeders getting together to exchange ideas, trade sheep, participate in a show, and learn a few things. FUN memorable times!

It has been a long time since US Karakul shepherds have had a Gathering to bring us together. The Alliance is in the initial planning stages to make that happen in 2021, probably a 2 or 3-day sheep and fiber show. To help us plan this event, please answer a few quick polls on the 2021 Survey page.


Captions have not been added yet, but we will need help identifying individuals in the photos when all the pictures are posted. (September 17, 2019).

1993 Gathering  Estes Park, Colorado

The Estes Park sheep show was a favorite amongst Karakul breeders for several years, 1992 through 1997. The NCWGA already had a big presence there and a few shepherds participated in both the Natural Colored and Karakul shows since they were on separate days. It was also ‘home turf’ for Roy & Myrtle Dow who were show committee organizers. Karakul people loved hanging out with the Dows and Estes Park, Colorado is a beautiful venue, which contributed to its success as a ‘gathering’ spot for Karakul shepherds in early-June every year. For a couple of years in the mid-1990s Estes Park was referred to as a Karakul ‘mini-Gathering’.

Roy & Myrtle Dow 1993


1992 – 1997 mini-Gatherings   Estes Park, Colorado   (photos coming soon)


1997 Gathering Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival   (photos coming soon)


If you have photos to share from any Karakul show in the past please send them to .

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where the flocks gather

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