The Alliance

The work of our Advisors is to maintain the function and integrity of the Karakul Shepherds Alliance, the Registry KSAR, and to preserve, protect and promote Karakul sheep.


Letty Klein, Senior Advisor
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Karakul Shepherd since 1982
National Wool Judge, Author of The Shepherds Rug
Regular Contributor to the Black Sheep Newsletter
Conservator of the Dawley Bloodline

Deborah Hunter, Founder & Registrar
Colville, Washington
Karakul Shepherd from 1987 to 1999, Michigan
Librarian & Historian

Babette Turk, Social Media Advisor
Aptos, California
Karakul Shepherd since 2017
Sheep Milker, Karakul Conservationist, FAMACHA Certified

Sue Bundy, Advisor
Leesburg, Virginia
Karakul Shepherd since 1997
Developer of the Red Gate Bloodline
Co-founder Solitude Wool, woman-owned business since 2006

Super thanks to Joe Schukar, an Alliance Founder, Gibbon, Nebraska, Wood River Karakuls from 1989 to 2021. For 32 years Joe was a Karakul Conservationist, Bloodline Sleuth, and Oral Historian. Joe has retired from shepherding, but still offers from time-to-time, opinions and stories of our Karakul past.

More super thanks to our Founder Julia DeVlieg, Anakus Karakuls, Rice, Washington, who is now retired and celebrating the elegant beauty and intelligence of her Karakul sheep.

Page last updated November 2022

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