Sheep Wanted

Karakul Sheep Wanted

Anyone looking for Karakul sheep in North America is welcome to post a comment in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. Requests will be posted with your name, state or province, and email address.

If you have Karakul sheep, check this page often to see if you can fill the requests for breeding stock or meat. Expand your current market or help a fellow Karakul shepherd in neighboring states market theirs. If you know a Karakul breeder who might have what the interested party is looking for, please point them to this page to connect with the requester.

Karakul ewe with lamb, the ultimate mother

Karakul ewe with lamb, the ultimate mother

Thanks for your interest in one of the most amazing animals on the planet!

What are you looking for in Karakul sheep?

4/27/2017     Ontario, Canada

I am wondering if there are any breeders in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for tail fat to buy.  Andre

4/21/17     Arizona (Northeastern)

We are looking to start a Karakul flock in Arizona! There was a group of sheep that was sold in 2009, but we have been unsuccessful in contacting their previous owner. We raise JSBA Jacobs Sheep, and would like to support another rare breed and help market them in our state!  Shannon

4/12/17     Texas (Central)

I’m looking for Karakul sheep in TX. I have a small farm here in central TX, and looking to breed and multiply Karakul sheep. If anyone has them, please contact me. I’m very interested. Thanks  Almaz Atamkulov

4/5/17     California (Northern)

Hi, do you have any other California breeders? I’m looking for northern CA.  Babette

3/31/2017     Ontario, Canada

I am wondering if there are any breeders in Ontario, Canada.  Kathleen

1/3/2017     Wisconsin

Hello, I am looking for one older registered ewe, sometime in 2017.  Cathy Komatina

10/11/16     California (Southern)

Hello, I am interested in raising Karakul Sheep here in San Diego. If anyone has any information on how to get started, I would greatly appreciate it. I am a retired civil engineer and I would like to spend time perfecting the art of breeding these beautiful animals.  Chris Hurt and Nezar Ilaian

9/22/16     Canada

Hi, I’m looking for breeding rams of at least 2 to 3 different lines for the fall of 2017. Only problem I have is…I live in Canada and would require health permits, the works. Anyone willing? Thank you Martin   Martin Buhler

8/24/16     Oklahoma

Am looking for Karakul ewes to join my East Friesian/Awassi dairy flock. Will travel to pick up.  Leslie Rice

4/30/16     Texas

Looking for a breeder in Texas. Interested in starting with a couple of well conformed, young ewes and a ram. Registered stock preferred. If you don’t have anything right now, let’s exchange information for later. Thanks Steve  Steven Person

4/23/16     West Virginia

I need to find an unrelated ram to replace my two rams.  Currently we only have two ram/ewe combinations that can produce unrelated lambs.  The other three ewes can only make meat babies until we find another ram. Sincerely, Doug   Eaton Well Farms

3/29/16     Kentucky

Good Morning, Would you be able to tell me if anyone in the Kentucky area or near the Kentucky area sells the meat from Karakul sheep, especially the fat-tail? I have contacted Kathy at Check-mate farm and she gave me a name of Elizabeth Ann Brown in Mt. Sterling. I could not find a number for her so I contacted the Kentucky Arts Association out of Berea, KY and left a message for her. She sells rugs and yarns through the Arts. I contacted Jennifer McLagan, Omar Wahdan, Letty, The Fat Ewe Farm, and Willowdale Farm. I still could not make any progress in locating a breeder or butcher. Any Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  Melissa Gerges

3/28/16     Montana or Wyoming

Hi, I learned about the Karakul Sheep on the Livestock Conservancy website and Kathy from Checkmate Farm’s was kind enough to refer me to your site. Do you have any Karakul breeders in Montana or Wyoming? I will check out the Colorado Breeders as that would be our next closest.  Melissa Zimmermann

3/16/16     California (Northern)

Hi, I am very interested in starting a herd of Karakul sheep on my 120 acres located near Sacramento in Northern California. Would you know of any sources in the area that has any sheep for sale? I grew up with this type sheep back in Iran in the seventies and now I would like to market this product to the very large population of Persians in CA   Moe Montazeri

1/15/16     Michigan (Western)

I am looking for a Karakul ram for my flock…. I am in west Michigan, do you know of any breeders in MI or northern IN? Registration does not really matter. It is important for the ram to have strong fat tail genetics. Thanks  Ben

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