Sheep Wanted

Karakul Sheep Wanted

Anyone looking for Karakul sheep in North America is welcome to post a comment in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. Requests will be posted with your name, state or province, email address, and phone number if requested. Your contact will be removed if you request, or if I know you have found/ purchased the Karakuls you were looking for.

If you have Karakul sheep, check this page often to see if you can fill requests for breeding stock or meat. Expand your current market or help a fellow Karakul shepherd in neighboring states market theirs. If you know a Karakul breeder who might have what the interested party is looking for, please point them to this page to connect with the requester.

ENCOURAGEMENT FOR CROSS-BORDER COLLABORATION: In March 2022 we learned that Karakul sheep are extinct in Canada. Heritage Livestock Canada (HLC) has not registered a Canadian Karakul in over 10 years. Many Canadians have been looking for Karakul sheep; now we know why. While import restrictions are stricter for ewes due to Scrapie laws, they are less so for rams. I would like to encourage US Karakul breeders, especially those in Border States with our northern neighbor, to SERIOUSLY consider meeting the export requirements for shipping rams to Canada. The linked PDF is the Exporting Sheep to Canada Outline of steps required to bring Karakul rams into Canada.

HLC does not consider graded up sheep for registration. The Canadian organization that offers graded up registrations for sheep is the CLRC, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation, at https.//   Click on Associations,  look for Sheep and CSBA (Canadian Sheep Breeders Association), then Registration list, and Grading Up Rules, Article 21 Rules of Eligibility, section 2(j), a 2-page PDF.

NEW! PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally the Alliance has found that several email addresses provided have not worked and we have no way to get in touch with you. Please double-check the email address you type into the form below. If incorrect, please re-send. There is now an option in the Contact Form for phone number. Please check the button if you would like it posted online. If not, I will keep your phone number in a private contacts spreadsheet and only provide to breeders who contact me and are interested in selling some Karakuls to you. ~ Thanks, Deborah

Karakul ewe with lamb, the ultimate mother

Karakul ewe with lamb, the ultimate mother

Thanks for your interest in one of the most amazing animals on the planet!

Requests Updated December 2022

What are you looking for in Karakul sheep?

9.12.2022   Ontario

Hi there, we are looking for some Karakul sheep for our local family-owned farm in Ontario, Canada. As mentioned in the post above, there are no registered Karakul here in Canada, so if someone is willing to export from the U.S. we would be very grateful! Thank you! Daniel

7.12.2022    North Carolina

We are looking to raise karakul sheep on our farm in Raleigh, NC. I grew up in Damascus, Syria and came to the Sates more than 41 years ago. Growing up with Karakul sheep is still very vivid in my memory and I loved to be around them and I would love for my children to raise and grow up with them as well. Please contact me at my email address.  Khaled Al-Zoubi

3.18.2022   California

I’m looking to buy a couple of Karakuls for my ranch. Petros

2.19.2022   Ontario

Hi, looking for 6 Ewes and 1 Ram, Karakul Sheep, or Awassi to join our farm in Ontario. Is there a breeder in Canada, or USA if we can import? Thanks    Eyad Homsi          416.655.5068

9.9.2021   Alberta

I’m looking for Karakul or Awassi sheep to join my farm east of Calgary, AB    Shadi Taleb

8.19.2021   Alberta

I am looking for Karakuls, 2 males and 4 to 6 females. Trying to breed them in Alberta  Samuel

7.19.2021   Southern California

Looking for a non-fading black Karakul ewe. I currently have one non-fading black ram that I would like to breed. This ewe would be a pet, not for consumption. Willing to travel. Tara       626.787.3711

5.1.2021    British Columbia

Hi! We are looking to buy karakul fat tail sheep. Want just couple, for our family flock. Thank you    Olga Nadjafova

1.12.2021  Oregon

I am looking for horns from Karakul (or other) sheep, 7″ minimum, with no cracks. Zemah

7.18.2020  Tennessee

Hi! I am a Chef based in TN looking to start a flock of my own. Had the meat in Istanbul and I am hooked!  Liz j



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