The Alliance – Write Your Ad Page

To place an ad on the Alliance For Sale page please submit your farm-related ad below, then write a $10 check or money order to Karakul Shepherds Alliance and mail to:

Karakul Shepherds Alliance, Deborah Hunter, PO Box 1200, Colville, WA 99114

Ads are good for one year or until rescinded.

Submit up to 5 photos per ad for the $10 fee. Informational updates to ads can be made anytime throughout the year free of charge.

  • Updates with 1 to 3 photos are an additional $5 charge.
  • For every five photos please submit an additional $10.

Photos are fun to use, crop, caption, and layout but they are quite a bit of work. Thanks for your support!

Email 1 to 5 Photos for each Ad to:

OR Text Photos to 206.371.0995

Page last updated January 2021


Click Home Page here or KARAKUL SHEPHERDS ALLIANCE title at page top

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