Deborah Hunter – Registrar, Web Shepherd, Karakul Historian

To ask of The Alliance – for questions on advertising, registration, Karakul history, and to submit articles for the website


postal:  PO Box 1200  Colville, WA  99114

cell:  206.371.0995 for text messages, or to send photos of your Karakul sheep

Magden Hill Close-up

Diane Magden, the Canyon Karakul flock heading out to the range in southeastern Washington. Photo by Julia DeVlieg

Easy Info

All forms for the Registry KSAR are under the Registry tab. Fees are listed in our Work Order/Fee Schedule, and they are partially listed at the top of the FAQs page.

For payments we take checks made out to Karakul Shepherds Alliance or PayPal at the same name, email: PayPal is an additional $2.00 fee per transaction over $50. Thanks!

Seeking information on Karakul sheep? Be sure to look on the following five pages:

Articles – recent and worldwide
History – pioneer shepherds & the search for US & Canadian Karakul artifacts
Historical News – short-stories of the past
Karakul sheep – basic and scholarly papers
News – quick updates, Karakul sheep & shepherd’s news

Page last updated January 2023

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One Comment on “Contact

  1. I thought all you Karakul lovers might like this: My Great Grandfather, William David Watson was born in 1860s in Bradford, Ontario, a descendant of the early Scottish settlers. He started a farm in Aurora, Ontario to breed Karakul Sheep. I believe he was the first.
    Here is a link to the book he wrote about them . He died before finishing the contents page.

    Regards Karen from Sheffield, England.

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