The Alliance wants to find, validate and register Karakuls from flocks such as this one — Canyon Karakuls, Diane Magden, Asotin, WA, now part of Anakus Karakuls.

The Alliance – Our Mission

To preserve and protect all the essential and unique physical attributes of the American Karakul sheep, through supporting the work of dedicated North American shepherds.

Visions of the Alliance & Registry

The Karakul Shepherds Alliance strives to provide education, information and a means to build a community of Karakul shepherds who desire to share their knowledge and passion of the breed with others.

The Karakul Shepherds Alliance Registry, abbreviated KSAR, seeks to find and identify Karakul flocks across North America, including Canada and Mexico, and provide a process for worthy individuals to gain registration in an effort to help maintain the breed for generations to come.                    

~ Deborah Hunter, Web Shepherd-KSAR Registrar, July 2019, Colville, WA   July 2019, The Alliance’s **5-year Anniversary!**


Vision of the Alliance Website

To collect and disseminate information on Karakul sheep for the benefit of current and future breeders, while acknowledging and honoring past pioneers and leaders of the breed.

We are a group of dedicated Karakul lovers who have come together to share what we have learned about this ancient breed of sheep. Our collective desire is that the Karakul Shepherds Alliance blog/website becomes a forum to offer advice for care, ideas for marketing, and to make accessible current and historical information about the breed.

Since many Karakul flocks live in isolated areas we decided to pursue this avenue of communication to make it easy for their shepherds to un-isolate themselves. In short, Karakul Shepherds need and want to connect.

Comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome. They will be archived by both date and topic to make future access easy. The only tenet is that postings be positive—a work towards finding solutions, enhancing the breed, and helping each other.

Carvings of a distinct Karakul type were found on ancient Babylonian temples, about 1,400 BC, making these sheep one of the first domesticated. Collective wisdom has worked for centuries and current research, most from other countries, continues to accumulate. We plan to make The Alliance website a continuation of that record – to pool our resources and work cooperatively towards the promotion of Karakul sheep, making it one day part of the breed’s collective wisdom.

Deborah Hunter, Web Shepherd, July 14, 2014, Seattle, WA; Mission – first page launched!  UPDATED bio-note: Shepherdess for 11 years in Michigan, now a retired librarian in northeastern Washington, Karakul lover forever.

Dedication —

This website is a project dedicated to the awesome spirit and unique qualities of the sheep known as Karakul.  The Karakul Shepherds Alliance is less an organization and more a statement of the bond that exists between those who care for and love these precious ones. ~ Julia DeVlieg, AKSR & Alliance Founder


Page last updated January 2023


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2 Comments on “Mission

  1. Really cool photo on the web. I think you are on the right track. Keep me informed. Good luck

  2. We got our first Karakul in 1982 and have enjoyed the wonderful journey they have led us through all these years. While i have judged many wool sheep/fleece shows across the country, I’ve never found another breed that has interested me. Karakul sheep are athletic, elegant, fascinating creatures, perhaps more goat-like than ordinary sheep. These fat-tailed sheep are a beautiful, stately, ancient breed, they are extremely hardy, with strong survival instincts.

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