*Welcome to the 2018 Karakul Census*

The 2017 census closed on March 31, 2018. Please check out the results & report under tab Census Results.

Anyone who owns Karakul sheep in North America is welcome! Your participation is voluntary and all information from this survey will remain completely private. No information from individual farms will be made public. American and Canadian Karakuls will be counted separately.

We will specifically share count information (only) with the Livestock Conservancy for their Karakul Breed Census and Conservation Priority List. Visit livestockconservancy.org

Locating historical Karakul bloodlines is important for the breed in order to expand the current North American gene pool. We would very much appreciate your sharing with us a bit about your farm and flock.

You may fill out as much or as little of the census as you would like. Only 3 fields are required–

  1.  Counts of pure Karakul sheep
  2. Address (city, state) so we know where the Karakuls are
  3. If you would like to be listed on our Breeders page (Free!)

WE LOVE PHOTOS! If you would like to send pictures of your flock, email to: info@karakulshepherds.org or see below


Send photos to:  info@karakulshepherds.org

OR Text Photos to 206.371.0995

with permission to post online if OK

Thank you!

After looking the online Census over, if you think a paper form would work better for you, please click on the link, print, fill out and mail. Thanks again.

Page last updated July 2018

To return, click Home Page here OR Click on KARAKUL SHEPHERDS ALLIANCE title at top of the page

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