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July & August 2022 – The July 2022 issue of The Shepherd magazine featured front cover Karakuls and a 3-page article with 5-story-telling photos.

Cover photo by Penny Gelhaus, Dunlap, CA

A follow-up article in the August 2022 Shepherd magazine

with a helpful outline on Export to Canada – all the necessary steps for

completion of breeding stock export-import, especially rams.


The Lambs–My Father, A Farm, and the Gift of a Flock of Sheep by Carole George.

Every shepherd needs to read this book! If you are really short of time, read one of Deborah’s touching reviews:

2019 May-Jun sheep! magazine – Unique Book on the Sheep-Human Alliance

2019 Summer BSN (Black Sheep Newsletter) – A Work of Art on the Sheep-Human Bond

This inspiring, beautiful book has heft to it, loads of color photos, and makes a lovely gift for shepherds and non-shepherds alike.

Email: for copies. $32 each includes shipping. Payment via check or PayPal.

Also available in audio format through other sellers.

Two articles in the Livestock Conservancy News on the history of Karakul sheep by Carole George:

Winter 2018 – Ancient Origins of Karakul Sheep

Spring 2018 – The Karakul’s Journey to the US


December 2016 – Three articles were the back pages of The Shepherd magazine in their feature

Focus: Karakuls”:

Pine Lane Farm Karakuls, by Letty Klein

American Karakul Sheep, by Deborah Y. Hunter and Julia DeVlieg

Karakul Sheep: Their American History by Deborah Y. Hunter


A New York Times April 2015 story on Karakul sheep Niche Trade…Proves Vital to Ailing Afghan Economy

(NY Times may charge to view this article. If so, please contact me thorough the Leave a Reply box below.)


A late Spring 2015 article on American Karakul Sheep published in the Livestock Conservancy News 


Karakul Sheep have been nominated by Slow Food USA – Ark of Taste for exquisite flavor and the culinary characteristics of the meat

Karakul ewe & lamb at pasture, Rice WA, from the Julia DeVlieg photo collection

 For the story on our Alliance read How The Alliance Came To Be


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