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*Welcome to the 2023 Karakul Flock Finder* This is the same form used for the 2017 census, which closed March 31, 2018. Please check out the results & report under tab Census Results. Anyone who owns Karakul sheep in North…


The Alliance – Our Mission To preserve and protect all the essential and unique physical attributes of the American Karakul sheep, through supporting the work of dedicated North American shepherds. Visions of the Alliance & Registry — The Karakul Shepherds…


American Karakul Bloodlines Small isolated flocks will keep the bloodlines going. ~Julia DeVlieg, Summer 2016 Photo collage of 7 American Karakul Bloodlines (click to enlarge) A 3-page directory of Karakul Bloodlines Breeders ….This directory is currently being updated, March 23,…

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TLC Conference Video

October 2019 – Deborah Hunter, Karakul Shepherds Alliance Founder and Registrar, presented at TLC (The Livestock Conservancy) Annual Conference in Santa Rosa, California. Although all of us were significantly impacted by the Northern California Kincaide Fire complex and the conference…

Dr. Norton and Page Jacobs

Dr. Norton and Page Jacobs of Coolidge, Arizona were truly Karakul Showmanship Pioneers. Even though they ‘passed over to the other side’ in May this year they have motivated me to re-start the Blog and re-vamp the website. Thank you…

Sheep Wanted

Thanks for your interest in one of the most amazing animals on the planet! Anyone looking for Karakul sheep in North America is welcome to post a comment in the Contact Form at the bottom of the Sheep Wanted page….

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Skipping a Breeding Year

What has been your success with lambing ewes after they have skipped a year and not bred? This could be for any reason–sterile ram (or no ram), re-absorption, miscarriage. What about skipping two or more years?  

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Study in Black

What is so striking in this photo gallery is the uniformity of the sheep, a study in black, classic and elegant.  

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