The KSAR Open Registry

KSAR, the Karakul Shepherds Alliance Registry was formed in 2016 to provide the service to register and archive the records of individual Karakul sheep. Due to the closing of AKSR Registry Flock Books over 15 years ago, a great many Karakuls in the United States were left out. We know that most of these other sheep are no less qualified to be registered. Our service is available for shepherds who would like to establish registrations for these sheep.

The spirit of the original AKSR, which was to identify as many US Karakul breeders as possible and acknowledge them for their devotion to this unique breed of sheep, has not been followed since that Flock Book was closed. However, we know there were medium to large flocks not included that have since been dispersed. We may have lost those bloodlines.


Magden Flock on a Hill 2003 with GuardiansMagden Barnyard 2004!8MagdenFlockSep2004LongString

KSAR has come together to operate a registry open to new sheep applicants even though it requires more work involving evaluation procedures. We have taken on the challenge of acknowledging all the unregistered Karakuls and have established a simple protocol to add new individuals to our Open flock book. We are aware of Karakul breed and bloodline variations in the US, but have set standards for the quality that you, as breeders, would expect to see in other flocks.

The following linked PDFs are available as part of the registration application for individual Karakul sheep. All have been updated August 2019:

  1. Traditional Flocks  New terminology version!
  2. Farm & Flock Finder Form
  3. How to Register Karakul Sheep
  4. Application for Registration
  5.  Work Order/Fee Schedule for KSAR
  6. Terms to Use for Registration   New references in August version
  7. Standard of Perfection for Karakul Sheep – Guide for Registration  *Updated Fleece Color section*
  8. Lamb Pelt Assessment

Send identifying photos for registration to:  OR Text Photos to 206.371.0995 with permission to post online if OK

Consider a file share service like Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to share large numbers of photos


As a reminder how important registration is for rare breeds, you are invited to read an Autumn 2013 article entitled Why Registration Matters by Alison Martin, PhD in the Livestock Conservancy News  

If you would like to access the article from the entire newsletter it is available on the Livestock Conservancy website . Click on the LC link above, then a second link Click here for an example of the newsletter!)


We welcome your comments and suggestions. Type in the box under Leave a Reply below, or email directly:

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