History of Karakul Sheep

So why do this, Karakul history that is?

Because it is not just about the history, but about the collection of personalities, the people involved with Karakul sheep after the first import in December 1908. Many were in it for the money, several wanted notoriety on top of that, one lost family then his life, one lost fortune and secured his family, prosperity made and lost; the stories are fascinating. The pioneer breeders all cared passionately about Karakul sheep and wanted to see them succeed in this country. I cannot imagine the extreme disappointment many of them felt when the Persian lamb fur market collapsed in the late 1940s, and prices never came back. Fashion had changed. However, more than a century after their innovative shepherding there are still many breeders who are so enthusiastic about this captivating, ancient breed of sheep.

I appreciate more now what the Karakul pioneers did and what they gave up to have these sheep. It is my hope that you are, or become, as fascinated and intrigued by American Karakul history as I am.

Deborah Hunter, Alliance Web Shepherd, updated July 2019

See the link Historical News for short-stories of the past.

**Do you have Karakul history you would like to donate?**

I am a librarian and former shepherdess of the breed. I love Karakul history!
If you have 20th century Karakul:

  • Articles
  • Letters
  • Pictures
  • Magazines
  • large flock books
  • former Registry record books
  • Registrations from any US Karakul registry

Contact me first, but most shipping fees will be reimbursed after receipt.

Please connect with me by typing in the box below Leave a Reply and hitting Post Comment. I will receive an email but your comment will not be posted online. Or email me in private: info@karakulshepherds.org   Thank you so much!  Deborah

Updated July 2019

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