Wool of Karakul Sheep – Growing and Shearing, Colors and Uses

The Wool page is a collection of articles, email compilations, and photos which will help shepherds learn more about Karakul fleeces.

We are fortunate to have Letty Klein as Senior Advisor to the Karakul Shepherds Alliance. Letty has been a Karakul Shepherd since 1982, is a National Wool Judge, and author of The Shepherds Rug. Most Karakul Fleece and Wool articles on this page will be written or reviewed by Letty.

In November 2019 The Livestock Conservancy asked Letty to write a one-page Spinning Tips for Karakul for their Shave ‘Em To Save ‘Em Initiative.

If you are somewhat familiar with sheep color genetics and gene pair acronyms, here is Letty’s concise version of Color Genetics in the Karakul, BASERS acronyms. Although geared toward Karakul newborn lambs since colors fade quickly, this is a great overview.

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of basic sheep color genetics and gene pair acronym letters and meanings, use the Leave a Reply box below to request a PDF for your personal use. Ask for (Black Sheep Newsletter) BSN Summer 2017 Color article


This photo gallery series by Julia DeVlieg, Anakus Karakuls.

This is a Summer 2018 one-page email compilation from Letty to Alliance Advisors on double-coated Karakul fleeces, with micron scan

2019 March-April sheep! magazine – Dual-Coated Fleeces Another View written by Letty Klein. Many craft ideas for Karakul double-coated fleeces. Please write to Deborah for a personal (PDF) copy due to no copyright permission from sheep! (magazine was absorbed by Countryside mid-2019) Use Leave a Reply at bottom.

2018 Nov-Dec sheep! magazine – Karakul Earns his Bucks Worth I wrote a letter to editor Nathan Griffith of sheep! magazine telling him about Max’s fleece. This not-quite-six-month old hoggett lamb fleece made over $50 and sold within hours of shearing.

This photo gallery series by Letty Klein, Pine Lane Farm.

Page last updated January 2023


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