Karakul Tails & Tales

Newsletter of the Karakul Shepherds Alliance and Registry

Printable PDF links, and Page Photos for reading online


Karakul Tails & Tales, Late Summer 2021 vol 3, no 1

This issue has a photo of Joe Billman that the email version is missing.

Photo pages coming soon…..11/20/2021


Karakul Tails & Tales, Fall 2020 vol 2, no 2

Karakul Tails & Tales, Winter 2020 vol 2, no 1

Our First edition, Karakul Tails & Tales, Summer 2019 vol 1, no 1

(First issue paper only, no email sent)

Page last updated November 2021

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Karakul Shepherds Alliance

where the flocks gather


where the flocks gather

Ask-a-Vet Sheep

A collection of sheep & goat related questions answered.

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