The Alliance is in the News

Karakul Shepherds Alliance is in the News. Julia and Deborah have been busy writing. We have had some good timing along the way from major US sheep magazines to get the word out about the Alliance and what it is doing to help Karakul breeders come together and have their sheep recognized and counted.

January/February 2017, PRESS RELEASE: New Karakul Shepherds Alliance: Looking For Karakul Breeders in sheep! magazine, The Voice of the Independent Flockmasters

Fall 2016, PRESS RELEASE: Karakul Shepherds Alliance in the Black Sheep Newsletter, proceeded by Letty Klein’s introduction of the Alliance in her front page article  Michigan Shepherding (with COLOR photos)

Three articles were the back pages of The Shepherd magazine in their feature Focus: Karakuls December 2016; Pine Lane Farm Karakuls, American Karakul Sheep, and Karakul Sheep: Their American History

Our Letter Introducing The Alliance

Check out our web pages for News and Articles


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