News  of Karakul Sheep & Shepherds

May 2019 – Dr. Norton and Page Jacobs obituaries  Unfortunately most Karakul shepherds did not learn of the Jacobs’ back-to-back May deaths until June 19, three days before their Memorial service. To begin to honor their lives as Karakul shepherds, a 1988 letter of Page’s became the basis for a Karakul Tails & Tales newsletter story about the Jacobs’ Karakul show string link with Lowry Hagerman. The Alliance would like to continue to honor the life of these two influential Karakul shepherds by collecting stories in the Alliance blog about funny, charming, likeable Page and Norton Jacobs.  (Blog, Email and Newsletter link coming!)

September 2018 – Peter Davies A Life Well Lived written by life partner Mark Scherzer. WHAT A STORY ABOUT PETER’S LIFE! These men created the line-bred Karakuls Peter Davies Memorial Bloodline. (More information coming soon under Bloodlines.) The touching biography is part of the Turkana Farms Green E-Market Bulletin, so Peter’s story is followed by This Week’s Offerings From the Garden. Read a fantastic story, get to know more about fellow shepherds while gaining insight into a productive, successful farm, with Karakul sheep as one featured Heritage breed. Their Karakul ewe flock is half of the Turkana Bulletin banner header-photo. Without the Karakul photo, here is a link to the blog post in Germantown, New York from IMBY, In My Back Yard.

2019 March-April sheep! magazine – Dual-Coated Fleeces Another View written by Letty Klein. Many craft ideas for Karakul double-coated fleeces. Please write to Letty or Deborah for a personal (PDF) copy until copyright permission obtained from sheep!

2018 Nov-Dec sheep! magazine – Karakul Earns his Bucks Worth I wrote a letter to editor Nathan Griffith of sheep! magazine telling him about Max’s fleece. This not-quite-six-month old hoggett lamb fleece made over $50 and sold within hours of shearing.

January 2017, Letter Introducing The Alliance, from Julia DeVlieg and Deborah Hunter

January/February 2017, PRESS RELEASE: New Karakul Shepherds Alliance: Looking For Karakul Breeders in sheep! magazine, The Voice of the Independent Flockmasters

December 2016, a one-page article Karakul Sheep: Their American History, was the inside back cover of The Shepherd magazine in their feature “Focus: Karakuls”

December 2016, two articles were the back pages of The Shepherd magazine in their feature “Focus: Karakuls”; the first Pine Lane Farm Karakuls, by Letty Klein; the second American Karakul Sheep, by Deborah Y. Hunter and Julia DeVlieg

Fall 2016, PRESS RELEASE: Karakul Shepherds Alliance in the Black Sheep Newsletter, proceeded by Letty Klein’s introduction of the Alliance in her front page article Michigan Shepherding (with COLOR photos)

Karakul sheep have a unique place in American culinary history. Karakuls were nominated in Slow Food USA – Ark of Taste

Summer 2015, Remembering Myrtle Dow in the Black Sheep Newsletter  (currently waiting for BSN copyright permission to post article 7/26/19, email me for a personal copy)

June 18, 2015–The American Karakul circle of breeders lost a valued friend. Read a bit about Myrtle Dow’s life before she became a shepherd of Black Pines Sheep. Below is a small collection of photos from the 1st Karakul Gathering in Estes Park, Colorado, June 1993, with Myrtle doing what she did best in the world of Natural Colored and Karakul sheep.


Roy & Myrtle Dow 1993

Roy & Myrtle Dow 1993


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