The Alliance Grows Together

We got the notion that a website could serve the current and new Karakul breeders by providing an easy way to share information, advertise and find each other. If it works, it should result in making it easier for shepherds to continue their breeding efforts with new bloodlines; and we will hopefully end up with more Karakul sheep in this country.

We are interested in any ideas, suggestions, and requests that you might have regarding this project. Please connect with us via this Blog post by clicking on Leave a Comment above, or to email in private ~  Thanks!

Magden Hill Close-up

2 Comments on “The Alliance Grows Together

  1. My name is Larry Meisegeier, I have been in the sheep business since 1986 and a fulltime shepherd since 1995. My wife and I make our living from sheep and we are primarily in the dairy sheep business. We are part of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative of which I am the President and my wife is the operations manager. Our flock of a few hundred ewes is both dairy type and crossbred commercial type. My interest in Karakul is both as a purebred and as a base to upgrade other fat tail breeds new to this country. I currently have two purebred Karakul rams and about 30 half-blood Karakul ewes. I have a business partner from the Chicago area who imported Awassi genetics from Australia which we are using in my flock to produce and upgrade to higher percentage and larger numbers of Awassi animals. We are also planning another importation of Awassi semen and semen from two other fat tail breeds, the Afrikaner and the Damara. I am interested to connect with Karakul breeders to acquire ewes for AI using this semen. I feel there is a bright future for fat tail sheep in the US given the large population of Arab/Muslim people who are hungry for fat tail lamb which should create a large demand once it becomes available.

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