This website is a project dedicated to the awesome spirit and unique qualities of the sheep known as Karakul.  The Karakul Shepherds Alliance is less an organization and more a statement of the bond that exists between those who care for and love these precious ones.

We are attempting to solve a problem.  For more than a decade there has been much concern for the drastic decline in Karakul sheep and the shepherds who raise them in the US.

To start to address this situation, within this website, we are offering three services. Please go to the ABOUT page for a detailed introduction and overview.

  • Provide tools and information so Karakul breeders can find each other and share.
  • Locate all of the Karakul flocks in the US and attempt to get an annual population count via the Census.
  • Provide a registry service.

Current messages and conversations follow in the BLOG.  Older ones have been archived. Please feel free to participate.

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