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We are looking for Karakul flocks. We are long-time breeders who are concerned about the recent decrease in the American Karakul sheep population. We are very interested in the survival of the breed and encourage you to get in touch with us.

This site is for:

  • support for the shepherds
  • questions about the sheep

Please let us know what you need and what kind of help you would like from us. Feel free to post on a sheep topic of your choice. And please check back often.

It is mid-January 2016 and the Alliance Website and Blog are getting ready to serve Karakul breeders in 2016.

For a more detailed explanation of what we would like to accomplish please read our About page.

One Comment on “Get in Touch

  1. We are excited to learn more. Erica and Nadia at Center Farm, East Montpelier, Vermont

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