Karakul  Shepherds  Alliance


The Alliance’s main goals are:

  1. To provide services to Karakul breeders via this website karakulshepherds.org
  2. To tally an annual census of Karakul sheep in the USA via the online Karakul Census or by using the Farm & Flock/Census form and mailing to the Alliance.

For a more detailed explanation of our goals, please click on the About page.

We are interested in your comments, suggestions, ideas, and requests that you might have regarding this project. Please connect with us via this Blog post by clicking on Leave a Comment above, or email in private: info@karakulshepherds.org   Thanks!


Lambing Ease

How often have you had to help a Karakul ewe give birth? It seems to me in talking with breeders over the years I hear similar comments “Karakuls are no trouble at lambing time.” “Karakul ewes have their lambs no problem at all .” Without records in front of me to confirm I still cannot remember assisting any more than two young ewes with big single lambs over 12 years of shepherding; and they were just pulls, no internal intervention. Those ewes most likely would have lambed on their own anyway. What has been your experience?

)29DeVliegNewbornKarakulFeb2012Lambing on her own, the easy way

Lambing in the Heat of Summer

Can anyone talk about Karakul lambs born June through August? Did you experience any issues with hot weather lambing–increased parasite load, lack of appetite, poor growth? Or did hot weather work for your summer-born lambs?



The Alliance Grows Together

We got the notion that a website could serve the current and new Karakul breeders by providing an easy way to share information, advertise and find each other. If it works, it should result in making it easier for shepherds to continue their breeding efforts with new bloodlines; and we will hopefully end up with more Karakul sheep in this country.

We are interested in any ideas, suggestions, and requests that you might have regarding this project. Please connect with us via this Blog post by clicking on Leave a Comment above, or to email in private ~ info@karakulshepherds.org  Thanks!

Magden Hill Close-up

Skipping a Breeding Year

What has been your success with lambing ewes after they have skipped a year and not bred? This could be for any reason–sterile ram (or no ram), re-absorption, miscarriage. What about skipping two or more years?


Traveling in Winter

Can anyone give some advice on traveling with Karakul sheep in the winter? Aside from the driving concerns, what do you do for your Karakuls when hauling them in cold weather? What about water? Pregnant ewes?



Study in Black

What is so striking in this photo gallery is the uniformity of the sheep, a study in black, classic and elegant.



where the flocks gather

Ask-a-Vet Sheep

A collection of sheep & goat related questions answered.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

An ongoing chronicle of meeting the expectations of the land...